Friday, March 29, 2013

Battlefield 4 Gameplay REVEALED

Two days ago on March, 27, 2013 , Electronic Arts and DICE revealed single-player gameplay for the highly-anticipated follow-up to Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4.
The gameplay, a 17-minute single-player gameplay from one of the levels of the campaign "Fishing In Baku" providing our first-look at the new installment to the series following Battlefield 3. It will also use Frostbite 3.0 an upgraded version of Battlefield 3's engine. This engine seems even better than 3's.
It seems the Beta for Battlefield 4 is confirmed to be close to the release date. 3 methods to get into the beta seem to be the Battlefield 3 Premium member, Preorder, or an owner of the last Medal of Honor Limited Edition. They might make this beta open again as with Battlefield 3, but no idea on that yet. I'll let you guys know.

Honestly, I loved the gameplay and they have made changes that might make BF4 a better game than Battlefield 3. For one, the destruction is much more detailed and allows for you to do so much more that BF3 limited you able to do. Rumor has it a player can use destruction to take down towers and six story buildings enhancing the destructiveness of the game we all love. In Battlefield 3, destruction was limited somewhat probably to maintain frame rate and was accompanied by a blueish tint to the graphics (hated that!) that made it harder to see enemies far away, etc. Battlefield 4 looks more clean and detailed as in the video you can see the grass moving as you walk through it, the sun shining in the air, and making it much more easier to distinguish enemies. They also implemented a new mini-map and a health counter along with how many grenades you possess to make it easier for the player to know what he has. This campaign fulls full of action and seems to provide a better experience than 3's did. I can't wait to see more gameplay hopefully from the multiplayer and get a glimpse into that. I hope they have a beta as BF3 did, hopefully less bugs so all of us can enjoy this new installment to the series and try it out.
I can't say much only given a glimpse of the single player gameplay but honestly it looks amazing.

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To close, I'm definitely going to preorder Battlefield 4 as not only as I am a huge Battlefield fan, this game looks like a huge step up from Battlefield 3 and I can't wait to play it. The chaos Battlefield brings, destruction, vehicular gameplay, and constant action makes it a game that I really enjoy.

If you did not see the video, watch it below. Copyright of Electronic Arts and DICE. Enjoy!


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