Thursday, June 6, 2013

Xbox One might not provide support for previous Xbox 360 titles

Microsoft has stated that the 'Xbox One'  will not be backwards compatiable, meaning it won't support previous Xbox 360 titles. 

This is not a problem for those who plan to pickup the Xbox One this year but also the Playstation 4 which is based on a different chipset meaning they might not support Playstation 3 titles.

It seems Microsoft has no intention of making the new 'Xbox One' backwards compatiable to support games from the previous console. Some gamers are outraged at this and some have started petitions to try to get Microsoft to make the Xbox One backwards compatiable like this one on 738 supporters are already supporting this initiative.

Microsoft has not commented yet on this petition. I'll keep you guys posted.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

iDevices could be hacked by chargers, really?

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have came up with a way to hack into iOS devices using a charger.

The time to hack this device? Only 1 minute, and the approach could affect all iOS devices regardless of the devices being jailbroken or not.

Apple has refused to comment on this report.

The researchers used a Linux-based Beagleboard, which is a Linux PC the size of a credit card.  This presents danger as the U.S. Army has recently approved using these iOS devices in the military, so the military could be susceptible to hacking attempts by these 'chargers'.

Next time, you should be careful if you 'borrow' someone's charger. You could have your iOS device hacked.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Battlefield 4 Gameplay REVEALED

Two days ago on March, 27, 2013 , Electronic Arts and DICE revealed single-player gameplay for the highly-anticipated follow-up to Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4.
The gameplay, a 17-minute single-player gameplay from one of the levels of the campaign "Fishing In Baku" providing our first-look at the new installment to the series following Battlefield 3. It will also use Frostbite 3.0 an upgraded version of Battlefield 3's engine. This engine seems even better than 3's.
It seems the Beta for Battlefield 4 is confirmed to be close to the release date. 3 methods to get into the beta seem to be the Battlefield 3 Premium member, Preorder, or an owner of the last Medal of Honor Limited Edition. They might make this beta open again as with Battlefield 3, but no idea on that yet. I'll let you guys know.

Honestly, I loved the gameplay and they have made changes that might make BF4 a better game than Battlefield 3. For one, the destruction is much more detailed and allows for you to do so much more that BF3 limited you able to do. Rumor has it a player can use destruction to take down towers and six story buildings enhancing the destructiveness of the game we all love. In Battlefield 3, destruction was limited somewhat probably to maintain frame rate and was accompanied by a blueish tint to the graphics (hated that!) that made it harder to see enemies far away, etc. Battlefield 4 looks more clean and detailed as in the video you can see the grass moving as you walk through it, the sun shining in the air, and making it much more easier to distinguish enemies. They also implemented a new mini-map and a health counter along with how many grenades you possess to make it easier for the player to know what he has. This campaign fulls full of action and seems to provide a better experience than 3's did. I can't wait to see more gameplay hopefully from the multiplayer and get a glimpse into that. I hope they have a beta as BF3 did, hopefully less bugs so all of us can enjoy this new installment to the series and try it out.
I can't say much only given a glimpse of the single player gameplay but honestly it looks amazing.

Tell me what you think. Comment below.

To close, I'm definitely going to preorder Battlefield 4 as not only as I am a huge Battlefield fan, this game looks like a huge step up from Battlefield 3 and I can't wait to play it. The chaos Battlefield brings, destruction, vehicular gameplay, and constant action makes it a game that I really enjoy.

If you did not see the video, watch it below. Copyright of Electronic Arts and DICE. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Google Previews Talking Shoe at 2013 SXSW event! Your shoes talk to you!

Google is previewing their new shoe at a 2013 SXSW event.

This futuristic shoe is literally able to talk and communicate socially with the user in every possible way and give feedbacks to the way they are walking, running, or exercising for example.

The developer states: "by connecting a pair of sneakers to the web, we're creating unique opportunities between physical objects and digital ad spaces. The Google smart sneaker has a personality that talks back and can connect the wearer's activity to the web, if the wearer chooses to."

I think Google's new previewed talking shoes are really cool and this shows Google's innovation at its finest, talking shoes. Who would've thought?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Apple's iPhone 5S Rumors already floating around

We're all accustomed to the rumors when a new device is released of how it will look, specs, performance, etc. right? Well, the iPhone 5s is taking the floor as of right now with 'leaks' all over the internet of information about the rumored iPhone 5S Apple is planning to release in June-July of 2013. The 5S is rumored to have a stylus pen similar to the S-Pen that rival Samsung has used for their newest phone the Galaxy Note 2 and has been unveiled for their new phone the other heavily-rumored Samsung Galaxy S IV.
Apple hinted at the pen being able to store passwords, save power, and read product bar codes.

Look at this image speculated as the back of the new iPhone 5S.
iPhone 5S
*'Photos' of what the next 5S is going to look like provided by E-Trade Supply.
What do you readers think the next iPhone is going to be like? Is it going to be nearly identical to the iPhone 5 with just a different layout, a few screws oddly placed, and a new name? These are our first looks at the 5S, feel free to comment what you think!

Friday, March 8, 2013

EA/Maxis 's Dreadful SimCity Release

SimCity game box
* EA/ Maxis Game Title

Maxis is well-known for creating the hit video game franchise The Sims which allow the player to control characters in order to do tasks such as finding a job, watching TV, interacting with other Sims, and other things such as take a shower. Its publisher Electronic Arts (EA) and Maxis have released a new game called SimCity which allows the player to be able to take a hand in creating the perfect utopia in their wishes controlling the city planning for the city's future- Sounds Awesome right?

Well, if you have played FIFA or Madden or other games such as Battlefield or Need For Speed you know that EA server network has problems that halt gameplay at such releases. That might be a problem if SimCity was playable offline, but a new DRM( to prevent pirating a problem with many PC games) with Origin (EA's flagship Online Gaming Platform- Similar to  Steam by Valve) requires that the player must be online to play the game. This might not be a problem if these players would be able to get online without being unable to play due to EA's dreadful servers. These players are demanding refunds and EA refuses to give them to players as they claim they are "quickly fixing issues with patch updates to the game"(EA).
It appears that you cannot save locally and all this is stored on the server- bad idea much? What if that server overloads?
Also there are no modifications allowed to me made to the game and users must be connected at all-time.

Online Marketplace has removed the game from their online shelves until the problem is fixed. The game now has a 1-star rating with over 1,400+ angry customer reviews about this game with various opinions. I chose a few comments that struck out at me.

 "Guess what? If you'd love to experience the nonstop thrills and excitement of SimCity, then please remove $60 from your bank and promptly pay someone to kick you repeatedly in the friggin' mouth".
"It's a pity, Maxis could have made possibly the finest game of the year with SimCity, but EA's pursuit of anti piracy measures and their desire to ensnare DLC/microtransaction customers means they are more than willing to burden their customerbase with hassles and headaches without a second thought".
"EA has ruined this game, making it a DRM only game which requires you to have a constant internet connection. As a military Member who travels the WORLD i do not have a constant internet connection but i love my single player RTS games when i have a bit of off time. When i heard this game was DRM only months ago, I really hoped they would change their minds, but they basically said no its not DRM only and blatantly lied to the entire community".

Personally, I like the Sims. It's a great title and I enjoy having control over what goes on. This game honestly could be great, but thanks to EA's greediness it has had a horrendous release and the Online DRM to stop pirating is actually hurting the game worlds more than if they were just to combat it in another fashion.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Apple is working on "The Evasi0n Killer" The end to the iOS 6 Jailbreak

Apple is now working on a fix for the record-breaking popular Evasi0n Jailbreak on iOS 6 for iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad, iPodTouch 5th Gen- You get the picture.

The app had over 7 million new jailbreakers on iOS 6 in just a few days- Astounding! Evasi0n uses flaws in the iOS software for the jailbreak to work and this fix Apple is conducting might plug the holes required for Evasi0n to do its thing.

So what's the problem?Well, for those that don't know if one exploit is patched, Evasi0n won't work. Other Apple product users who did not jailbreak their device might not be able to for a LONG time if they update, and it might take a while before a new jailbreak is invented.

The iOS 6.1.3 beta 2 is currently being released to developers and supposedly fixes one of the exploits evasi0n uses to its advantage.

If they patch most of the bugs that the hackers have used to create evasi0n, it might be a while before we see another jailbreak for those on 6.1.3.

Personally, I'm a little afraid but I'm fine because I stayed on iOS 5 with my iPhone 4 with my jailbreak.

Want to Jailbreak your iPhone(iPad, iPodTouch, etc.) using evasi0n for iOS 6? Watch my Tutorial Below on my YouTube Channel :

Feel Free to Comment Below what you guys think!

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